Make you look both fashionable and cool in Summer

Summer is coming. Are you still carrying those heavy bags? Let’s catch up with the season and put on some bags with a sense of summer, so that your summer is both fashionable and cool. Let’s follow me to have a look.

The beach bag looks very big and can be packed very well. It is a very practical bag. Moreover, it has a large bag type, which can cover up the shortcomings of our stature and make the whole person very small. Beach bags can match our usual T-shirts and jeans to create a fashion sensation. We usually go to the seaside and carry it on our backs. It’s a bag that won’t go wrong at all!

This kind of net bag is very popular now, because the special material is woven up to make it look very idyllic. Just wear a floral dress and carry it again, as if the girl in the countryside is fresh and lovely. But the confidentiality is very poor, we can put a pure color bag inside, so it will be more convenient to match!

This kind of PVC bag is really a style that will never be outdated in summer. Major brands are competing to produce many PVC styles in summer. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences. Transparent PVC materials shine in the summer sunshine, think about it all feel very worthwhile to buy! And it’s basically HOLD-able to live in whatever we wear.

What bags should women choose?

Many girls especially like bags with obvious logos, because for them, this is a way to show their identity and taste.

Now there are many luxury bags, all with very obvious logo, such bags, but also mainly sell brand. For girls who like luxury bags, such bags are simply huge and beautiful.

But in the workplace, bags with obvious logos do not have much fashion sense. And it’s easy to make people think you’re a girl who doesn’t work hard and only likes luxury goods. It’s not very good to leave an impression on people.

Nowadays, there are too many styles of bags on the market. Girls have a wide range of choices for bags. In ordinary life, no matter what style of bag you choose, it doesn’t matter.

But for women in the workplace, it’s better to choose simple and versatile bags. Because the work is not as good as the usual life, when working, the clothes we usually wear are more formal professional clothes.

There are also girls who wear more fashionable work clothes. At this time, more attention should be paid to the choice of bags. Simple and versatile bags are the first choice for women in the workplace.

How would you choose the right leather bag for yourself?

When you buy Leather bags, there will be tangles. When choosing the best one, you should choose the one that suits you best. Especially for some men, they can’t find the most suitable choice. We need to pay attention to the leather and style of bags. These two points are very important. The proper bags can be well matched. Specific suggestions, let’s follow the women’s bag processing plant to see.

When choosing clothes, we need to look at the matching with ourselves. We should not only confine ourselves to the matching of clothes we have now, but also think about the clothes you want to buy. Of course, women’s bag processing plants suggest that the best is to buy clothes first, then match, so that you can see the effect intuitively.

Need to see the style and size of bags, because there are too many genuine leather bags, many people do not know how to make the right choice, you can choose one of various styles, and then consider other specific details. Many people tend to neglect the size and thickness of bags when buying. I hope you will pay attention when buying. Women’s bag processing plant suggests that you must pay attention to details, so as not to need to replace again, waste time and energy!

Match your bags with the season

Seasonal matching bags are mainly coordinated in terms of color. Summer bags should be light or light-colored; this will not make people feel uncoordinated with the environment, otherwise it will make people feel guilty; summer Go out at night, according to the environment with a dark color, as long as the match is appropriate; winter should choose a slightly darker color, to have a sense of coordination with the season. Spring and Autumn 2 season, basically the same, is to pay more attention to the match between clothes.

Occasionally, the occasions say that different clothes are worn in different occasions. In fact, the bag is the same; for example, to interview a new job, you are wearing a very loose bag and putting it on your chest, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. At this time, you should carry a bag with a slightly harder cortex and no green flowers. If you want to go hiking, you will find a casual bag that looks unconstrained. When you are on a business trip, choose different bags and clothes according to the customer. The match of the occasion is very important, this is not what kind of brand name you can replace.

The age of the MM with different ages is different from the fashion point of view. There is a big difference between the 80s and the 90s. The style of the bag should match the age of the bag first, so that people will not produce mismatch. The feeling; even if the style of the bag is good, you should first consider the age that is not suitable for you. Also consider the color of the bag and the age is not coordinated. The style is mainly reflected in the requirements of the age group, and most people should feel it.

These ladies bags are popular this year

Boston shoulder bag retro mini-square bag, feel excellent dynamic fashion, more quality, fashionable portable wristband, select super-quality fabrics, bag design exquisite fashion polishing hardware is not easy to wear, high-quality ribbon decoration, more perfect.

Star bags of the same type, Boston bags, bags contain a large amount, autumn and winter simple, fashionable collision color single shoulder oblique bag, new product recommendation, cloth fabric appears to be atmospheric grade. The new one-shoulder straddle handbag makes the bag more solid and tough. It looks simple, but it is better than the simple and neat line. It is fashionable and beautiful to decorate your costume.

New single shoulder straddle handbag, fashionable personality, more delicate, a dual-purpose bag, different wearing methods have different backs and different shapes, let people fond of it. Small appearance contains a large storage space, cosmetics can be put down, card bags, mobile phones, so that you can easily carry at the same time to give you different fashion. Delicate design, classic black design, personality, full texture, let you easily recite the Goddess model.

Would you like to buy too many bags?

If you buy a bag, you need to buy a bag that is practical and noble. It’s more worthwhile to buy such a bag. Men really don’t understand why women love to buy bags. The answer is usually “cure all diseases”. It is said that the bag is actually a woman’s second face, which represents a woman’s taste. You don’t have to buy luxury brands to buy bags, but you have to buy what you like.

Nowadays, bags are an extension of women’s travel attire. Black bags are also necessary for everyone. A black bag is really a white bag. Why is it so versatile? Because we usually wear black shoes, and pants are black and thin. At the same time, black and white gray is a very classic color, not outdated color, so a woman must have a black bag.

In appearance, it must be classic and durable, beautiful and easy to carry bags. Many people think that the black bag may be a little conservative, after all, its color is relatively monotonous. But when you really use it, you will feel that it is really practical, as if you can put on any clothes you wear. So when we watch a lot of female stars dress up or take Street Photos at the airport, many of their street photos are made of small black bags, which are not only exquisite and convenient, but also the eternal classic of fashion circle.

So whether you are working or other professions, you are advised to buy a black bag. Another kind of color is more versatile, that is, brown, brown, in autumn and winter back is also very textural.